It’s Alive!

The first book in the American Praetorians series, and my first book, was published today.  It’s available for order on Amazon, and will be up on B&N and Kindle shortly.  Link to the order page is  Permanent link is in the sidebar.

For those not familiar with the premise of the book, here’s the synopsis:

Jeff Stone and his team of Praetorian Security contractors are marking time on counter-piracy duty aboard a freighter in the Gulf of Aden when the boredom ends abruptly.  A major US base on the Horn of Africa is overrun in a well-coordinated terrorist attack, and those base personnel who survive are taken hostage.  With the world economy tanked, and most of the Western militaries dangerously thinned, the Praetorian operators find themselves to be the hostages’ only hope of rescue.

The mission wasn’t going to be simple, or easy.  But as events in East Africa accelerate, and outside players start to show their hand, the Praetorian shooters start to realize just what a desperate gamble they are embarked upon, and what this particular job is going to cost…