Jack Murphy’s Review

Jack Murphy has a review up of Task Force Desperate.  Thanks Jack!



2 thoughts on “Jack Murphy’s Review

  1. Congrats, man! That’s a big deal. And Jack’s all right for an Army guy. (Okay, don’t tell him I said that. He may kill my ass!)

    And in truth, I know that special operators are closer than various branches; as they should be. Speaking of which, though I was just a straight line guy in A/1/8, I DID get to spend six months working up with a Force Recon unit as part of their covering force platoon. Best of all, I was a fire team leader and it was our fire team that got to directly work with them and secure the entries/exits.

    They were great, though they ragged and hazed my ass to no end…

  2. Thanks, man. Got to meet Jack at SHOT this year. He’s a good dude.

    Sounds like old Force, before they dismantled it to build MARSOC. New Force doesn’t get trail platoons anymore; we had to fight just to be acknowledged as a Force platoon…

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