We Have a Cover

We Have a Cover

Here’s a first look at the cover of Hunting in the Shadows. It’s coming, folks.


Attention Whores and Conspiracy Theorists (But I Repeat Myself)

Maybe this stuff has always been out there, but I’ve noticed it getting more and more circulation lately.  Sandy Hook, Chris Dorner, and now the Boston Marathon bombings, are all, apparently, the work of the US government, orchestrated to bring about the final destruction of the Constitution and the installment of Obama as President For Life.  There is always some convoluted bullshit “evidence” put forward as to why this is the truth, often easily refuted within 30 seconds with a search engine.  Apparently, Alex Jones is now saying that the late Chris Kyle’s company, The Craft, somehow were involved with the Boston bombings because they were on the scene.

As easily refuted as these things are, they keep spreading.  People who I would have thought knew better, simply keep spreading the bullshit around, because, “This administration has lied so much I wouldn’t put anything past them,” or, “Even if it is fake, it’s good to wake people up that they have to be vigilant.”  What bullshit.  A lie is a lie.  A half-truth pointing to a lie is a lie.  Someone who lies to you for “good reasons” is still a liar and a scumbag to boot.

Alex Jones is a whore.  He finds little isolated facts, statistics, or pictures and builds sinister conspiracies out of them, the more outrageous the better.  Oh, he makes sure he keeps them short of the tinfoil-hat UFO crowd.  He wouldn’t get near as much traffic if he went that far.  But his entire MO is to stir up as much outrage and paranoia as he can, in order to get more attention, and therefore more money.  He is no different than the political whores in DC, who will exploit any opportunity they can to gather more power and money.  This has been illustrated time and again with the stuff Jones comes up with.

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing knee-jerk bullshit touted as truth when ten minutes of research would show it to be completely false.  I’m tired of people giving the government so much credit.  The DOJ couldn’t even keep gun-running to Mexico secret for long.  But somehow these government goons can orchestrate, execute, and keep quiet mass murders on American soil?  Fucking please.  Start thinking for yourselves, instead of listening to some fucking fraud who tells you that listening to him equals thinking for yourself.

I am the last guy who is going to trust either politicians or bureaucrats.  I am fully aware of the massive abuses perpetrated by the government, in blatant violation of the Constitution.  But this level of paranoia is the exact same as the leftist idea that somehow the government is the embodiment of intelligence and moral rectitude.  It is the belief that the government is made up of people who are supremely competent and organized, which is a lie.  Governments are made up of people.  The sooner we remember that, maybe the sooner we’ll become more interested in the truth than in the outrage of the day.

A Response to “Can The Marines Survive”

On March 26th, Lt. Col. Lloyd Freeman published an article on Foreign Policy entitled, “Can The Marines Survive?”  In short, Lt. Col. Freeman’s point is that American air power and UAVs have irrevocably changed warfare; movement on the battlefield means being killed by remote control from half a world away.  He argues that the Marine Corps has, in its competition with the Army, rendered itself into a slow, conventional force focused on an obsolete mission, i.e. forced entry from the sea.  In order for the Marine Corps to remain a valid force and not simply a second, redundant Army, he believes that it needs to convert to small teams of JTACs inserted into hostile territory to coordinate drone and bombing strikes.

Read the rest at SOFREP.

Ahrar al Sham: A Rising Force in Syria’s Civil War

While the al-Nusra Front gains most of the headlines in the Syrian Civil War, there is another group, called Ahrar al Sham, which is at least Al Nusra’s equal, if not even more important.  A loose conglomeration of Islamist groups from across Syria, Ahrar al Sham, “The Islamic Movement of the Free Men of Greater Syria,” has considerable support, an active IO campaign that surpasses anything Al Nusra has put out, and is growing fast, claiming 83 rebel units under its banner as of January 2013, up from 50 in July 2012.