Camouflage: What’s the Point?

This should certainly stir up some conversation. Pete wrote it after some thin-skinned folks in the industry apparently got butt-hurt about the April Fool’s joke on Soldier Systems Daily on Monday (our word, and Pete’s, not SSD’s). We recognize SSD is an industry leader and people rely on it to stay abreast (*giggle* a breast) of what’s new in the defense/tactical industry. That said, if you were so unhappy about his joke you really need to rethink things…possibly even throat-punch yourself. SSD apologized, and we respect their self-analysis. If the editor there believes he should apologize, who are we to refute that? Still…it was the first of April…are you mad about disinformation, or are you mad because you fell for it and you feel foolish?

Read the rest at Breach-Bang-Clear.


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