What a Marine Recon Team Looks Like

Dirty, tired, camouflage-painted, trousers ripped, armed to the teeth, and overloaded.

Okay, so that’s what the guys on the Recon team look like most of the time. The team itself has evolved a bit due to operational requirements, equipment limitations, and force protection requirements established by higher. Over the years since Vietnam, the Recon team has ranged from four-man Force Recon Stingray teams to entire Recon platoons going out as one.

Read the rest at SOFREP.


One thought on “What a Marine Recon Team Looks Like

  1. Frank Nelson

    After the point man I suppose the rest of the team carries 120 lbs? Regardless of branch is seems to me as if all recon units are (barely) mobile observation posts? I know it’s institutional, but it seems to me that if anyone really wanted serious recon they’d lighten you up, reduce your firepower, and concentrate on stealth.

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