Egypt’s unrest isn’t over.  In fact, it’s starting up again.

After the January, 2011 revolution overthrew Mubarak, Muhammad Morsi was elected president in June, 2012.  A long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi quickly showed his colors as a die-hard Islamist as well as something of an autocrat.  On November 22, 2012, he issued decrees granting himself full legislative and judicial authority, removing any judicial review of any of his actions.  Ostensibly this was supposed to be to protect the actions of the Constituent Assembly, and only to last until the new constitution was ratified. Protests erupted in Tahrir Square over the decree, turning violent in several cases, and leaving several of the protestors dead.  In December, Morsi annulled the decree, but most of his opposition did not accept that anything had really changed.

Read the rest on SOFREP.


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