Catching Up

I’ve been a little behind on updating this blog. Between writing for SOFREP, Hot Extract, finally getting back to Breach-Bang-Clear, working on another book (presently titled A Silver Cross and a Winchester and now becoming a Rhino Den writer, it’s been a little busy around here.

SOFREP has now gone to a subscription service. This was a business decision made by the Executive and Managing Editors. It seems a few of our sponsors were trying to steer our content, so this was how to maintain control, pay the writers, and even hire a couple more. So, most SOFREP links from here will now only be available to subscribers. The rates are $4.99/month, $1.99/month for active military/LEO.

There has been some butt-hurt over this decision. I confess I have little to no sympathy for those who feel they are entitled to our work. The reasons have been stated, and the rates are more than reasonable. I’d be willing to wager most people pay more than that a day for coffee.

At any rate, links for those who wish to catch up on my scribblings:

SOFREP – Al Qaeda, Liquid Explosives, and this Weak-Kneed, Reactive Mess (Subscription)

Breach-Bang-Clear – Tactical Fanboys and Tactical Curmudgeons

The Rhino Den – Murphy’s Op

SOFREP – MCSOCOM Detachment One, Part 1: The SOC Program (Public)


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Norm Smith

    Peter: Just finished TFD. Not bad for a First Novel!
    BTW: I’m married to your mom’s cousin Sue P., and met you when we were both much, much younger. I’m also former USMC, so a Semper Fi is in order!
    I was unaware that you were writing until I heard about it from Sue. Went on IBooks and voila!
    Best wishes and keep writing!

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