Pretty Swamped

So, I’ve had a lot of projects come my way lately.  Not least of which, I am now going to be writing a SOFREP ebook on the recovery effort for Marcus Luttrell’s team and the bodies of Turbine 33, the MH-47 that was shot down by the Taliban trying to retrieve Marcus and his comrades the first day.  I don’t know exactly when it will be out yet, but likely around the time the Lone Survivor movie comes out.

I’ll also have a number of gear reviews going out to Breach-Bang-Clear, KitUp!, and Recoil.  Yes, Recoil screwed up a few months back, but they have bent over backward to fix that and redeem themselves in the eyes of the gun-owning community.

Meantime, the history of MCSOCOM Det One continues on SOFREP, along with a brief update on the situation in Egypt.  I’ve started a series on “Training on the Cheap” on Breach-Bang-Clear.  And, today, another anti-conspiracy theory piece went up on the Rhino Den.

I’m getting close to finishing A Silver Cross and a Winchester.  It’s slowed down a little lately, thanks to everything else going on, but I’m still hoping to have it done by the end of the month, and out next month.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Swamped

  1. Beckie Garrett

    Peter, I put this out on SOFREP also. I enjoyed both of your books. I got so involved in reading that I almost missed getting off the train at my stop. It’s probably weird to say that I was chuckling through bang, bang, shoot ’em up books. In my mind’s eye I could see Jeff Stone saying them. Mr Murphy and his rules used to live at my house. “Murphy’s Law “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, when the husband is out of town” Mr Murphy left once my husband moved on out to greener pastures. 🙂

    So, when is the next one coming out? Please don’t leave me hanging, wondering why mischief Collins is going to cause now.

    1. Alone and Unafraid should be out sometime next year. I’m planning on it being a little bit less of a doorstopper than Hunting in the Shadows, but I’m going to have some of my novel writing time a little curtailed from here on out. Once I’m satisfied with the final edits on A Silver Cross and a Winchester, I’ll get cracking on Alone and Unafraid.

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