Book Reviews

Well, for several reasons, Hot Extract is no longer the catch-all site it was.  It’s still going to be there, still part of the SOFREP network, but it’s going to be dedicated games stuff now, though still with a military viewpoint.

Point is, I won’t be writing for it anymore.  While I did a couple of game reviews, my focus was books, and frankly, writing for SOFREP has cut way back on what I could do for Hot Extract.

However, I’m still going to be doing the occasional book review, when I actually get one finished.  They will be posted here, instead of on HE or any other site, so there will actually start to be some more original content on this blog, as opposed to the “Here’s what I did on SOFREP, Breach-Bang-Clear, etc.”

Stand by for reviews of “American Badass” by Dale Comstock, and “Contracted II: America’s Terror Trackers” by Kerry Patton.


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