A Request

Okay, folks, I’m really not all that good at asking for help.  It took two weeks to force myself to write this post.  But here it is: I can’t sell these books by myself.  I need you guys to help out.

Now, I’m not asking for you to trumpet this post to the four corners of the earth, or buy extra books (though if you haven’t bought my books, you totally should).  No, I just need some help with Amazon.

You see, as an independent author, I get the most visibility on Amazon through reviews.  The more reviews, the more it fits into Amazon’s algorithms, and the more visible it becomes.  Since this blog and the FB page are really the only outlets where I promote my stuff, you can see how important those reviews can be.

So here’s all I’m asking: if you’ve read my books, and liked ’em, please take five minutes, go on Amazon, and write a review.  It’ll help me out a lot, and help get more Praetorian ass-kickery coming down the pipe in the future.


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