Audiobooks Might Be On The Way

I’ve just posted Task Force Desperate on ACX for auditions to turn it into an audiobook. I don’t have the time or the setup to do it myself, so hopefully I can find a producer/narrator who is interested in giving it a shot for half the royalties. If anyone knows a vet who is working on getting into voice work who would be interested, please point them to TFD on ACX. If this works out, it will be out on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Fingers crossed.

Update: Realized it might help to include a link to ACX in case anyone is interested in trying out.  Go here and get set up if you’ve got an audio setup and time.  No guarantees I’ll accept, but what have you got to lose?


One thought on “Audiobooks Might Be On The Way

  1. Gerard Leeman, Wakefield, MA

    Peter, I am an avid reader of yours on SOFREP. I just wanted to weigh in with some unsolicited market feedback. Specifically, I think you are right to pursue the audiobook format for your work. I personally would like to read your fiction but haven’t yet because my “eyeball time” is taken up by two daily newspapers, hundreds of work and personal daily emails, social media posts and professional texts. Looking back two years, I’m now at a 15:1 audiobook to hard copy ratio because the only time I really have to consume fiction is my drive time. The last fiction I read, unless you count Panetta’s memoir, was one of Vince Flynn’s. Anecdotal as this is, I hope it helps a little.

    Similarly, I think you should be a regular on the SOFREP podcast. Thanks for your work.

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