Caveat Emptor: Oris and Force Reconnaissance UPDATE

UPDATE: Oris’ CEO has written to the CO of 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, and is seeking to donate to Recon non-profits.  It appears that they are sincere, and got led down the wrong path.  Good on ’em.


Recently, the Swiss watch company Oris announced that they have entered into a partnership with Marine Force Reconnaissance, and are selling a watch with the Force Recon logo on it.  The truth is, Oris is NOT in any way actually partnered with the Force Reconnaissance community.

According to the current CO of 1st Force Recon Company, they purchased the Force Reconnaissance logo from Headquarters Marine Corps, throw a few dollars at MCCS, and are using that as justification to claim a nonexistent partnership to make money off the Force Reconnaissance title. They do nothing to support the Recon community. There is a movement afoot to pressure them to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation, but whether they will is, in my opinion, given what they’ve done already, unlikely. If any of you have been considering buying one of these watches because of that supposed partnership, please reconsider.


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