New Ideas

So, after scrapping the first 400 words of the next chapter of Lex Talionis (getting close to finished, but not there yet), I had an interesting idea for a new series.

This wouldn’t be taking the place of any other projects, but would be woven into the years’ schedule along with others.  The idea was spawned by thinking of the old action series, such as Executioner, Phoenix Force, Able Team, Soldiers of Barrabas, or Stony Man.

What if I came up with an episodic (old-school episodic, with continuing characters but not necessarily any long-spanning arc) action series, roughly 40k-60k words per story (roughly the length of A Silver Cross and a Winchester or Nightmares)?  It would be somewhat less “THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!” than the Praetorian series, mainly focusing on going after various bad actors in various real and fictional parts of the globe.  Short, pulpy, hard-hitting action pieces, not terribly geopolitical or intrigue-heavy, but with long-running characters and fast pacing.  With a set, fairly low, word count, I could concievably knock one out in about a month, month-and-a-half, and get the ebook out for around $3.

What do you think, readers?  Interested?


6 thoughts on “New Ideas

  1. Chris

    Well I use anything you write as my new porn stash so write away good sir. Since it seems the Praetorians are about to hang it up

  2. Sounds like an interesting idea and I would guess you have a few plots up your sleeve already. I’d encourage you to knock out a handful, toss them to the universe, and see how well they fly. If they go over then great, if not you haven’t invested a ton of time/effort.

  3. Dillis Freeman

    This is a great idea. There is a definite lack of such material these days. My as yet unfulfilled dream of being an author Ian motivated in part by wanting to write the kind of books we grew up with. With your skills and background, you could write a believable version of the old “men’s adventure” from Zebra or Gold Eagle.

  4. Alex Shishkin

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    If you manage to maintain the quality on the level of Praetorians and Jed Horn books – I’ll very likely buy all of these books the moment they come out.

    Just don’t let the ‘conveyor’ overcome the quality of your writing, and the quality of your plots. I’ve seen this happen.

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