It Is Release Day

Lex Talionis is now available on Kindle and Paperback.  It’s also on Kindle Unlimited for you KU subscribers.  Amazon doesn’t have the two editions linked on the same page yet, but that usually takes a couple of days.

War And Politics Have Consequences…

Praetorian Solutions has a rep. Not a particularly pleasant one in some circles, either. Over the last few years, they’ve run roughshod over the plans of terrorists, warlords, pirates, militias, narcos, foreign intelligence services—even some American politicians—and left a considerable trail of dead bodies behind them.

But when Jeff Stone and his team were in Mexico, someone who was supposed to be an ally sold them out, leaking information on their identities to the Dark Net. Now the wars are coming home. Before, they fought for hire, offering their services where they thought they could fight for their own sense of justice, putting the hurt on bad people for pay. Now they’re simply going to have to fight to survive. To do that, they’re going to have to embrace the Law of Retaliation. And, quite possibly, earn the title of “Praetorian”…in every sense of the word.

And because someone has asked already, no, putting the release date on D-Day was not symbolic.  It happened to be the first Tuesday of June.

Big thanks to all those who pre-ordered.  Have a blast, and I hope that you’ll spare a few moments to leave a review once you’re done.


5 thoughts on “It Is Release Day

  1. thepersonleavingacomment

    Will be grabbing a hard copy of the latest, and sadly, last.
    I’ve been hooked since seeing the YWR feature on BBC (not, that one, the other one… ) and reading the previews here. I’ve read a LOT of military-themed action books over the years, and by far yours are some of the best written, especially considering they’re actually believable as well.
    Unfortunately all good things must come to an end…. or not? I mean, you know all the great trilogies come in series’ of 6, right? …….

  2. thepersonleavingacomment

    Also, as a proud owner of an original Kill Yuan with the now-OG cover, *I* thought the greeting card-esque dark[ish]-humor “wish you were here” feel offset the actual story rather well.
    But, what do I know….

  3. Alex Shishkin

    Got the Kindle version (I just don’t buy dead-tree books anymore if I can avoid it). Great conclusion to the series! It’s going to be hard to let these characters and this story line go, but you are, of course, correct: continuing the Praetorians in the same vein after _this_ would have been entirely unrealistic.

    OTOH, a few possibilities kinda suggest themselves – like a certain subset of the Praetorians having to temporarily un-retire because … 🙂

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