Welcome To The Action Thriller Renaissance

As some of you may remember, a few days ago I talked a little about a new plan, both for my writing and for marketing my writing.  Part of that plan was creating first a Facebook Group, later to possibly expand to other outlets, in which we could build a community of action adventure/thriller enthusiasts.  Because as much as I looked for one, that wasn’t specifically tied to a particular author or series, I couldn’t find one (with the possible exception of MackBolan.com, which isn’t so much a forum as a guide).

That group now exists.  There’s not a lot there yet, but it’s young, and that’s why it’s a group.  It’s not just about me or the other authors who joined me in putting it together.  Anyone who joins can add to it, posting about the books, movies, or games they have enjoyed in the genre, as wide as it is, along with anything else that might be applicable (guns, war news, cool military videos, that sort of thing).  Anything that counts as an action thriller is welcome, from Mack Bolan and Casca to Tom Clancy and Brad Taylor.  (And any of us in the recent indie thriller genre, of course.)

A few of us have posted in the group already.  Come on in.  Join the Renaissance.


2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Action Thriller Renaissance

  1. Jack July

    Hi, My pen name is Jack July. I have written a series based on a female character. They are not really spy thrillers in the classic sense however she is a covert operative. I started with her as a child with a tumultuous upbringing. Book two, she is on her way to being a covert operative and signs up by the end of the book. Book three she falls in love and gets married. Book four suffers major trauma and battles through PTSD. Book five is in process. She specializes in rescuing and avenging children. Throughout the books you get a glimpse of southern life with a strong conservative voice.The series is called, Amy Lynn. Thanks for the invite from the Goodreads group.

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