The Guns of “Frozen Conflict”

With Brannigan’s Blackhearts #4 – Frozen Conflict coming soon, it’s time for the regular gun porn post!

This one turned out to be a bit more of an irregular operation, moving through the Eastern European underworld and relying on that underworld–not to mention a bit of “tactical acquisition”–for supplies.  As such, there’s a bit more variety in the weaponry used in Frozen Conflict, though it’s still almost entirely Eastern Bloc.

Eugen Codreanu is a Romanian gangster, but as an arms dealer he moves freely through multiple countries.  He’s done business in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.  But most of his men carry what they’re comfortable with.  His right hand, Cezar Lungu, carries a Beretta PX4 Storm.

His chief of security, Gavril Vaduva, carries a 7.65mm Vz.61 Skorpion machine pistol.

The unidentified shooters who are gunning for Codreanu first, led by the man named Redrum and later joined by the by-now-familiar Flint (who didn’t get to bring his FK  BRNO Field Pistol this time), are carrying 5.56mm Zastava M21s.

The Transnistrian regular forces, being poor cousins of the Russians and something of a wannabe Red Army, are mostly equipped with AK-47s or AKMs.  (Two of the Blackhearts end up carrying AKMs, as well.)

Mayor Emil Ignatiev and his Russian “volunteers,” there to assist and advise the Transnistrians (who have been in a state of cold war with the Moldovans across the Dnieper River since 1992), are somewhat better equipped, carrying A-545 rifles and RPK-16 light machineguns.

As for the Blackhearts, in addition to a couple of Tokarev TT-33 pistols they capture, their primary loadout turns into a couple of AKMs, two wood-stocked, suppressed Uzis, two RPDs, and several Vz.58 rifles.


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